About Us

ShopTalk20/20 has created a global approach to sales evaluation, assessment and development. We have one of the most experienced teams in the sales evaluation industry and the capability to bring your sales force to a new level of excellence.

We Care

Mission of ShopTalk20/20

"We are devoted to partnering with our clients to assure sales excellence and dedicated to the professional development and balanced life of our staff."

Our Brand Pillars

Our growth, both internally and with our clients, is nurtured by our brand pillars. They guide and define how we work and the approach we take when building partnerships.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Each member of our team, from our administrative team to our owner, develops relationships with our customers. Our company credo is “We Genuinely Care” and we will show you just how much every step of the way.

Client Testimonials

Our clients love us. Here's a quote from a happy client of ours.